• If the User receives a Product which is damaged or defective or there exists any deficiencies in the Product, or the User is dissatisfied with the Purchase of the Product has missing parts or accessories or is different from their description on the product detail page on the Platforms (attributable to, and accepted by us after due verification at its sole discretion), a User may initiate a request for returning the Product on the Platforms. The User shall initiate such requests for a return not later than 7 (seven) days from the date on which he/she received the delivery of the Product
  • The user subject to conditions can cancel the Order prior to its dispatch from the WinMagic’s store.
  • Return will be processed only if, it is determined that the product was not damaged while in your possession.
  • The User shall make sure that the Product to be returned is in its original condition (with brand’s/manufacturer’s box, MRP tag intact, user manual, warranty card and all the accessories therein)
  • Products may not be eligible for return in some cases, including cases of buyer’s remorse such as incorrect model or color of the product ordered or incorrect product ordered.
  • Products marked as “non-returnable” on the product detail page cannot be returned.
  • Additional information is not required to return an eligible order unless otherwise noted in the category-specific policy. Return of product will take place within 10 (ten) days after the complaint is raised. In case we are unable to replace the damaged / defective product qualifying for replacement, we will add credit to your wallet as “Store Credit” within 180 days which can be used in subsequent purchases.
  • In case an order is being cancelled whereby the User had already made payment for the Order, the money shall be refunded to the User as “Store Credit” in the account of the User.


  • To modify an order, you can drop a mail at support@winmagictoys.com__ and we shall revert to the same; the order can only be modified till the order is not dispatched; please note that the allowing a modification is at the sole discretion of WinMagicToys;
  • Reviewing of order placed, adjustment, change or modification of order, can be done through our customer care department by sending e-mail on, subject to receipt of full payment against such modified orders.
  • If you wish to review or adjust your purchase, please revert to the confirmation email and follow the instructions therein. Please note that you may be charged for your cancellation in accordance with the price difference if any after reviewing, alteration, and adjustment.


  • If the payment method, which you used to make the payment (such as credit/ debit card) at the time of purchase, is no longer valid, you can drop a mail at and we shall revert to the same;
  • We will send you an e-mail asking you to call us and provide your name and new account details. After we receive these details, refund will be initiated.
  • Refunds shall be processed by WinMagic Toys through its normal banking channels except in cases where a User had utilised existing store credit for purchase of Products. Further, should the User have used more than 1 (one) payment option for the purchase of Products on the Platforms, WinMagic Toys shall process all refunds through a Payment Option (as defined in the Fee, Payment and Promotions Policy) WinMagic Toys deems fit, in its sole discretion, to process such refunds. Once the amount is refunded as store credit to a User’s WinMagic Toys account, it cannot be further refunded to any other bank account or as cash, and would continue to remain in the User’s WinMagic Toys account until exhausted for shopping on the Platforms.
  • Return of or refund for purchased Products shall not be entertained by WinMagic if:

a.The said Product has been already used;

b. That the labelling, branding material, price tags, brand tags, box, original packaging material, and accompanying accessories have been damaged or discarded by the User;

c. That the serial number/item code/bar code of the Product, as applicable, does not match WinMagic’s records;

d. That the accessories delivered with the Product (such as chargers, Remote, user manuals, etc) are not returned along with the Product, in an undamaged condition;

e. That there are any dents, scratches, tears or any other damage to the Products or any part thereof;

f. That the gifts accompanying the purchased Product have not been returned, or upon being returned, show signs of being used or defect; or if the Product has been rendered defective or unusable.

  • WinMagic shall not accept return or refund requests raised for any such Products that may be specified by WinMagic from time to time


  • Prices for products are described on our Platforms and are incorporated into these Terms by reference. All prices are in Indian rupees. Prices, products, and Services may change at our discretion.



  • A User is permitted to fully or partially cancel order/s prior to its dispatch from WinMagic Toys, free of cost
  • To cancel items that aren’t dispatched yet:
  • Go to Your Orders
  • Select the item you want to cancel and click Cancel items

*Note: Your order can be cancelled instantly within 2 hours and a refund will be processed to your original payment method, if the payment was already made

  • Learn more about refund processing timelines below:
CREDIT CARD-DEBIT CARD 7 – 10 Business Days
NET BANKING ACCOUNT 7 – 10 Business Days
UPI Linked Bank Account 7 – 10  Business Days


  • If the standard time-frame as mentioned in the above table has expired and you have still not received the refund, please contact your bank for more information. Refunds will not be processed in cash but only through online transactions
  • Please note cancellation of a Product will affect the internal rating of the customer and impact loyalty programme benefits
  • If your order is already delivered: Once the order is delivered it cannot be cancelled and return shall be processed based upon the Return policy;
  • Order Cancelled by WinmagicToys: Winmagic Toys reserves the right to cancel the order placed by a User, Or Delay The Order on account of events including without limitation insufficient product stock, Force-Majeure Events, inter-alia. In such a situation, the User shall be given 100% refund in case of a pre-paid payment.


If any Other Party(s) has any grievance, comment, question or suggestion regarding any of our Services, please contact our customer service at If any Other Party(s) has any questions concerning these Terms of Use, or anything related to any of the foregoing, we can be reached at the contact information available from the following hyperlink: Contact us at