Mystery Dragons


Discover mysterious Dragons from Berk and beyond! Your favorite Dragon characters from how to train your Dragon: the hidden world are now available as detailed mini-figures in striking poses. Which Dragon will you find inside the package? Mystery Dragons figures are a fun-to-open, mystery gift Great for kids and dragon Trainers. Seek them all to build your DreamWorks Dragons collection!


You could add common, rare or even hard-to-find Dragons to your collection. Some mystery Dragons have visible bioluminescent scales or patterns. Other Dragons have Hidden bioluminescent designs that are only revealed with UV light in the hidden world playsets (sold separately). there are so many magical Dragons to collect including toothless, Stormily, Skull crushers, Meatlug, lightfast and more. They fit in your palm or pocket so you can take them along for Dragon adventures!

COLLECT SURPRISE DRAGON FIGURE: Open your Mystery Dragons package to discover which dragon is hiding inside! Will you find a common or rare figure or one with a hidden bioluminescent design that is revealed with UV light in the Hidden World Playsets (sold separately)

LET YOUR IMAGINATION SOAR WITH DREAMWORKS DRAGONS TOYS: Use your new dragons to recreate exciting scenes from the fantastical DreamWorks movie, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.

COMBINE WITH HIDDEN WORLD PLAYSETS: All Mystery Dragons figures fit inside the DreamWorks Dragons Hidden World Playsets (sold separately). Collect and display four magical dragon lairs! Place a Mystery Dragons figure inside, and then activate the UV light to reveal if it has hidden bioluminescent designs.

DreamWorks Dragons Mystery Dragons figures are the perfect surprise gift for kids and dragon trainers aged 4 and up. Which dragon will you take home?

Includes –

  • 1 x Mystery Dragon Figurine

Product SKU/Code – 6045161

Assortment – NA

Master Pack – 48

EAN Code – 778988167052

Product Dimensions – 15 cm x 10 cm x 3 cm

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