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Owleez needs your help to learn how to fly! It’s so much fun to teach this adorable baby owl how to fly. Practice together (you’ll hear a delighted “weeee!”), place her in her included nest and watch Owleez spread her wings and REALLY fly! Every flight is different – watch your owl soar, guide her with your hand or comfort her after a crash. Pet, tickle, and even feed her with the included berries. Teach your own baby owl how to fly with Owleez!

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Feed & Nurture Owleez
Owleez loves to snack on berries! When she gets hungry, she’ll tell you using her eye color. Feed her the berries and hear Owleez respond with happy eating sounds. If you give her too much, she’ll get gassy and you’ll have to burp her, but it’s all part of the Owleez fun!

100+ Sounds & Interactions
Owleez responds to your touch and has over 100 sounds and interactions! Owleez will show you different moods with expressive color changing eyes! She loves to be pet, tickled and loved. Owleez can do a happy dance, sing music, be rocked to sleep and so much more!

Safe & Durable
Owleez has been safety tested and is made of lightweight, durable materials. With safe features like crash detection, Owleez senses when she hits an object and will stop moving and close her wings. When Owleez crashes, it’s okay – just try again!

Play While Charging
Owleez is rechargeable in her included nest with built-in USB cable. You can still play together even while Owleez is recharging. Once Owleez is fully charged, get back to flying!

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