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PAW Patrol Movie 2 Vehicle – 2 pack


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Chase’s Mighty Police Cruiser:

Chase is on the case with his mighty police cruiser! This sleek blue vehicle features all the details kids love, from working wheels for zooming to a removable roof for easy pup access. It’s time to race to the rescue, just like your favorite police pup.

Skye’s High-Flying Helicopter:

Skye takes to the skies in her high-flying helicopter! With spinning propellers and a rescue hook, this pink chopper is ready for any aerial mission. Let your imagination soar as you help Skye save the day from above!

Perfect for Playtime Fun:These vehicles are perfect for endless playtime fun! Whether you’re recreating movie scenes, inventing your own rescue missions, or teaming up with friends, Chase and Skye’s vehicles provide hours of entertainment and adventure.

Collect and Expand Your Paw Patrol World:
Expand your Paw Patrol world with this 2-pack set! It’s not just a toy; it’s a collectible treasure for fans of all ages. Collect all your favorite pups and their vehicles to create your very own Adventure Bay right at home.
This Movie 2 Vehicle 2-Pack captures the heart-pounding action and heroic spirit of Chase and Skye from the PAW Patrol movie, making it a must-have addition to any Paw Patrol collection and a source of endless imaginative play. Get ready to race, rescue, and save the day!

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More than just toys, these vehicles are collectible treasures for fans of all ages. Expand your PAW Patrol world by collecting all your beloved pups and their unique vehicles. This 2-pack set is an opportunity to build your Adventure Bay at home, creating a comprehensive and immersive experience for PAW Patrol enthusiasts.

This PAW Patrol Movie 2 Vehicle 2-Pack captures the essence of the movie’s excitement and the heroic spirit of Chase and Skye. It’s an ideal addition to any PAW Patrol collection, promising endless imaginative play and a thrilling journey into the world of these beloved characters. Get ready to race, rescue, and embark on adventures that know no bounds!

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Dimensions 40.6 × 9.4 × 25.4 cm


Paw Patrol - Vehicle

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