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PlayMagic Animals Theme Dough Tubs – Pack of 12 (25g)


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Explore the Animal Kingdom: ToyMagic Animal Dough tubs offer an exciting opportunity for children to discover and recognise various animals, sparking their curiosity about the animal kingdom.

Foster Creativity: With 12 unique animal moulds, kids can unleash their creativity by sculpting and designing their favourite animals using colourful dough and nurturing their artistic skills!

Develop Fine Motor Skills: As children manipulate the dough to shape animals, they enhance their fine motor abilities, promoting dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Versatile and Interactive: Perfect for solo play or sharing with friends and family, these dough tubs encourage interactive play and imaginative storytelling, fostering social skills.

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Step into a world of imaginative play with 2-in-1 moldable PlayMagic Animal dough tubs! This Animals Theme Pack comes with four moldable lids—a lion, a hippo, a panda, and a monkey—in 12 vibrant colours! Let your child’s creativity soar as they shape and mould the dough into adorable animal figures,honing their fine motor skills and enhancing animal recognition.

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