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PlayMagic Hover Ball


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Play with Others: This Ball is perfect for both playing solo or with others! ToyMagic’s light-up HoverBall is the best outdoor group activity. Chase after it as a team or play alone- it’s up to you!

Works on every smooth surface: Indoors or outdoors- this Hoverball can glide across any smooth surface! This is best suited for indoor marble tiles, hardwood floors, carpeted floors and outdoor tiles! Avoid uneven surfaces!

Convenient Charge: ToyMagic’s Hoverball comes with a handy rechargeable Type C cable and rechargeable batteries! Eliminate the hassle of buying new batteries- just charge up the Hoverball and play!

Perfect Gift: The ToyMagic Hoverball makes for the perfect gift! This seamless, floating Hoverball is great for both girls and boys! Light up every birthday party with this toy! This Hoverball is sure to bring a smile on a child’s face!

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Get ready to race around with the PlayMagic Hoverball! Built with a rounded finish that glides across any smooth surface, the Hoverball is the ultimate indoor entertainment! Play it alone or with friends, this light-up Ball is perfect for every occasion!

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Dimensions 19.2 × 7.25 × 19.2 cm