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PlayMagic LCD Writing Tablet – 9″


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Sustainable and Eco-friendly: The LCD Writing tablet is the perfect choice for environmentally conscious families. By using this tablet, you can say goodbye to wasteful paper usage. Instead of going through stacks of paper for drawing, playing, or doing homework, the tablet provides a reusable writing surface that eliminates paper waste.

Educational and Interactive: This tablet offers endless opportunities for educational fun. Kids can practice their writing skills, learn to draw, and explore their creativity with the easy-to-use stylus. It’s a great tool for early learning, practicing letter formation, and engaging in interactive play that promotes cognitive development. Additionally, the fact that it is written in three colours adds creativity.

Convenient and Portable: With its lightweight and slim design, the LCD Writing tablet is highly portable. It can easily fit into a backpack or purse, making it a convenient companion for car rides, trips, or outings. Whether it’s in the backseat of a car or at a coffee shop, your child can have their educational and creative tool ready wherever they go.

Battery-powered with Erase Lock Button: The tablet operates on a replaceable 3V battery, ensuring long-lasting use. The erase lock button allows you to preserve your work and prevent accidental erasures. It gives you the flexibility to keep your creations or wipe the slate clean with a simple press of a button.

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The LCD Writing tablet is the perfect sustainable and educational toy for kids! You can draw, play and do your homework all without wasting a single sheet of paper! This tablet writes in three colours! Powered by a replaceable 3V Battery and a convenient erase lock button- this tablet is the answer to living a greener life!

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