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PlayMagic Peppa Pig Shape N’ Learn Dough Activity Set


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Identify & Learn Shapes with Peppa Pig while using useful yet trendy dough tools. Dig into super soft dough using the 6 different shape cutters and fill in the blank spaces. Ideal gift for kids aged 3 years and above

Mould Peppa Pig’s favourite items using item cutters and dough. Identify the items on the template sheet and mould them as per your creativity or with the cutters provided. Perfect actiivty to dop by yourself or with your family & friends.

Mould 4 Peppa Pig character faces using the 2-in-1 moulded lids of the tubs. Get embossed and debossed dough impressions each in a different colour!

Water based dough with a non-greasy feel on your palms. It’s convenient to play with and does not leave stains. In case the dough dries, it can be revived by sprinking a few drops of water and kneading till the desired consistency is achieved

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PlayMagic Shape N’ Learn Dough Activity Set combines learning and play into one with Peppa Pig. Mould different Peppa Pig related items using franchise specific dough cutters that cut into super soft dough for a unique and clean play experience. The activity set also helps children identify and learn shaoes and colours. Mould 6 different shapes along with Peppa using exciting tools such as shape cutters. The pack contains 4 dough tubs in a different colour each with Peppa Pig character faces moulded on both sides to give you 2 different dough impressions.

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