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Stomp Rocket Ultra


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Active and Healthy: Stomp Rocket Ultra is a fun way to get your kids off their screens and out of the house- it is the best activity to play outdoors. These rockets will keep your kids running and jumping for hours. It is the perfect tool to keep them active and engaged! 

Convenient: With its easy-to-follow instruction guide, Stomp Rocket Ultra are a 100% kid-powered, there’s no need for batteries! Moreover, these rockets are easy to use and store!  

Learning made fun!: Experiment with aerodynamics, projectile motion/ trajectory and force through these fun Rockets! Stomp Rocket Ultra makes learning and experimentation easy and fun! 

Award Winner: Stomp Rocket Ultra has been in the business for 25+ years and is the perfect activity that gets kids off their screens! 

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Stomp Rocket Ultra are the ultimate outdoors activity sets that’s completely screen-free and pushes active and engaging play! These Rockets are 100% kid-powered and keep them running, jumping and stomping for hours! Assembling these rockets is a simple task with its soft, harmless foam pieces and easy to follow instructions. Plus they are convenient to store! It’s a mess-free award-winning activity that’s perfect for the active play dates. 

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Weight 386 kg
Dimensions 9 × 21 × 30 cm


Stomp Rocket