About Us

Casting the happiness spell, one toy at a time, from India to the world!

Said in one line, WinMagic Toys is in the business of creating & spreading happiness, pride, and oneness amongst kids and families in India and the world!

Operationally WinMagic is a multi-brand Kids Merchandise design, manufacturing marketing & distribution company based out of Mumbai, India. It makes available a veritable portfolio of world-class brands of toys, games & kids merchandise at offline and online retail stores, from where consumers can choose to buy.

Internationally, we are in the process of identifying and selling through distribution & retail partners to make our offerings available across the world.

Below is the purpose & commitment of WinMagic for different groups of people!

For consumers, we are a company that creates & delivers a veritable portfolio of unique and meaningful toys, that make a difference in the lives of consumers from birth to their full life cycles.

For our international distribution and retail partners, we have a portfolio that includes licensed and generic toys across.

For desirous international brands who are looking to establish themselves in India, we are-the ‘go to’ company that makes it easy for all the international brands desirous of entering India in the kids & games space!

WinMagic is a catalyst that ongoingly transforms the industry and promotes the cause of India on international platforms.

For our retailers, we are a marketing-oriented company that always creates new and innovative categories at retail, provides significant product or price differentiation, and drives strong communication campaigns to create consumer demand and affect shopper conversions at retail.

For employees, we are a company that empowers them to create the future they dream of, for themselves, and their families, which makes them spring into action every day.